Automated External Defibrillator.

For every minute a defibrillator is not used, there is a 10% decrease in the risk of survival to the patient. 

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What is an AED?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. The AED that we train on is one of few devices that is safe, computerised and that delivers an electric shock to a patient who has had a Cardiac Arrest, when the Cardiac Rhythm is one that is likely to respond to a shock  eg VF (ventricular fibrillation) or VT (ventricular tachycardia).

An AED Analyses the victim ECG, and advises whether a shock is required or not.

Most AEDs are similar in function, with and on/off button, Analyse, and Shock.

How does an AED save lives?

When an individual suffers a cardiac arrest (also known as a heart attack), the heart stops pumping blood around the body and to the brain.

A defibrillator will shock the heart back into a normal rhythm. Using a defibrillator alongside CPR will give the patient the best chance survival for survival.

How Does the AED Work?

When the AED pads of the defibrillator are put onto the patient, the machine starts to analyse the rhythm of the heart. This is one of the few AED machines where it is possible to carry out CPR  at the same time that the machine is analysing. 

Once the assessment by the AED is complete, the machine will then inform you whether a shock is required or not.

If a shock is required the user shouts "stand clear" and presses the button, the shock will be given and then if required is able to continue CPR. 

Should my business have an AED onsite?

With the increased pressure on the NHS, waiting times for an ambulance to arrive are ever-increasing. An AED can literally be the difference between life and death.

Can anyone use an AED?

Anybody can use an AED. You do not need to be specially trained. The AED will only shock a patient's heart if needed, so you can't do any harm.

However, many people don't feel confident that they would know what to do if faced with a life or death situation. I offer a stand alone 2 hour course to show you how to operate an AED.