Frequently asked questions

What is your process?

You're already in the right place! 95% of the time, the best first step is to learn about Estate Planning so you have the chance to ask specific questions during your vision meeting. The vision meeting is a time when we take a deep dive into your questions, current situation, and goals for your estate. After we've come to an aggreement, I take it from there! You'll have the best solution for your given situation all taken care of for you.

How do I schedule a vision meeting?

I'm excited you're excited! You have 2 options: 1 - Write me an email and we'll get something on the calendar ASAP 2 - Give me a call, speak to myself or Ruth, and we'll look forward to meeting either over zoom or in person (whichever you are most comfortable with)

What topics do you cover in this workshop?

As an Estate Planner Lawyer, there are lots of categories that need to be addressed. I'll help you identify the areas of legal work that you need the most. These may include, but are not limited to: • Powers of Attorney • Last Will & Testament
• Trusts
• Care Directives
• Probate Assets
• Jurisdiction Assets